Tochnog Professional

Tochnog Professional Changes.

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Corrected bug in group_materi_stress_null

Corrected bug in group_materi_plasti_tension_direct in MS Windows (unitialised array may lead to calculation abort)

Introduced -any_but_not_all in area_element_group_method

Introduced materi_displacement_relative i.c.w. materi_velocity_integrated

Corrected bug in control_mesh_macro ... -cylinder (wrong elements generated)

Introduced control_mesh_switch (switch x, y, z coordinates for easy rotating the mesh).

Introduced control_mesh_macro ... -rectangle for 3d calculations.

On Microsoft Windows the linux executable in a 'windows subsystem for linux' runs faster than the native windows executable.

Introduced strain_settlement_diagram* (make values in strain settlement dependend on stresses, total pressures, etc.).

Introduced force_edge_multi_linear_factor_x (distributed edge force dependend on multilinear x-diagram).

Corrected bug in slide_* for nodes which also have a bounda_dof.

Extra listings in the external software page.

Corrected bug in tar files (tar bug on specific linux systems).

Some bug fixes.

Introduced control_reset_value_dof (by example, make void ratio of hypo laws dependent on vertical stress).

Donate to support Ukraine and its people

Introduced more software in the external software page.

Introduced the Simscale finite element program in the external software list.

Introduced the Welsim finite element program in the external software list.

Introduced the Freecad CAD program in the external software list.

Introduced the PrePoMax free pre- and -post processor in the external software list.

Update for latest intel processors.

Introduced OCR for group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin.

Introduced group_groundflow_permeability_vertical_stress (permeability dependend on vertical stress).

Introduced Free Adonis geotechnical FE program in the external_software list.

Speed up calculations with many empty elements.

Corrected bug in dependency_diagram (when using one of the coordinates x,y or z for the dependency).

Introduced groundflow_pressure_factor (user specified multiplication factor to add pore pressure to the effective stress when calculating the total stress).

Introduced post_point_move (let a post point follow a material particle, by using the calculated velocity field).

Changed group_materi_stress_null (allow for zero stress in multiple directions).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_tension_direct_normal_automatic (tension limit on plane with outward normal).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_tension_direct_normal (tension limit on plane specified by normal).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct_normal_automatic (friction limit on plane with outward normal).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct_normal (friction limit on plane specified by normal).

Re-introduced group_interface_materi_plasti_tension_direct (now as real value, the maximum interface tensile stress).

Changed group_interface_gap (default gap size 0, so stresses 0 if interface normal strain is positive).

Changed group_materi_plasti_tension_direct to default 0 tension stress allowed i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct.

Introduced materi_plasti_maximum_iterations* (set maximum number of plastic iterations on integration point level).

Changed from openmp to posix parallelisation on linux (recent linux gcc openmp seems to have a bug).

Changed control_mesh_move* (allow for linear moving nodes in mesh to get oblique meshes).

Introduced bounda_time_until_* (automatic limit force response by reducing prescribed velocities).

Introduced control_print_history_factor (multiplication factor for items in control_print_history).

Introduced control_print_data_versus_data_factor (multiplication factor for items in control_print_data_versus_data).

Introduced error message on comments in include files.

Introduced control_mesh_generate_interface_geometry for 3d (restrict generation of interfaces to specified geometry).

Introduced interface data for print_group_data (view interface group data in gid).

Introduced control_mesh_generate_interface_geometry for 2d (restrict generation of interfaces to specified geometry).

Corrected bug in print_group_data (sometimes wrong values printed for group data items).

Corrected bug in control_reset_dof* i.c.w. geometry_method ... -any (element dofs not put correctly).

Separate history file for control_print_history_smooth.

Introduced bounda_time_on_off (only periodically use specified bounda_time values).

Changed group_materi_elasti_young_power (included minimum for young from power law).

Introduced control_print_history_smooth (smooth printing of history of data values).

Corrected bug in change_dataitem_* for method -add (sometimes wrong timestep used).

Introduced change_dataitem_apply (allow, or disallow, change_dataitem records in a timestep).

Introduced slide_axisymmetric (axisymmetric slide geometries allowed).

Introduced test/other/force18.dat (test with force_point).

Introduced force_point (point force in space, can be anywhere, also not in a node).

Introduced group data with variable length for print_group_data (eg group_groundflow_permeability fields can now be viewed in gid).

Introduced check_used (check if input data is actually used in the calculation, convenient in times of trouble).

Introduced bounda_dof ... -geometry_list ... -veln (suppress velocity in normal direction of geometry_list).

Improved dependency_number* (also allowed for records with non-fixed length now).

Introduced printing of gid files in case of error exit.

Introduced information in wikipedia format (including papers) on the homepage.

Introduced group_integration_method ... -reduced (weighted combination of lobatto and 1-point cell-centered integration).

Introduced bounda_factor_parabolic_x (quadratic boundary factor in x-direction).

Corrected test/other/masonry_facade.dat (input syntax was old).

Corrected bug in control_print_gid_smooth_dof i.c.w. changing mesh (control_mesh_delete* etc.).

Introduced cosmetic changes in easy_tochnog_*.

Introduced tochnog professional on chromebooks (enable the linux extension on your chromebook).

Introduced control_print_dof_smooth_* (smooth dof's in printed dof text files).

Corrected bug in force_..._factor and changed definition (check your input file).

Improved group_materi_plasti_hypo_* i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_hypo_cohesion stability for low stresses (eg near free surfaces).

Introduced post_node .. -moment ... (automatic reaction moment determination in torsion tests etc.).

Introduced Mecway in our external_software list (an extremely inexpensive quality FE program, can be used as pre- and postprocessor for Tochnog Professional).

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Overview in youtube channel (limited overview of capabilities).

Introduced free Tochnog Professional.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_minimum_void_ratio (minimum allowed void ratio in hypoplasticity calculations).

Introduced easy_tochnog (see easy_tochnog).

Changed check_memory_usage to only RAM usage (not virtual usage anymore).

Introduced geometry_mpc (restrict a geometry to nodes which have an mpc).

Introduced extra input error checking.

Corrected bug in control_print_dof_line for quadratic triangle elements (elements were not always correctly detected).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct_wall (values for phi,c or psi i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_bounda and group_materi_plasti_mpc).

Introduced pri(...) routines in user.h of user supplied distribution (print results in user supplied routines).

Introduced test/other/mpc8.dat (test post_element_force i.c.w. mpc's).

Corrected bug in post_element_force_geometry (for large nodal displacements not the correct elements were found).

Introduced post_quadrilateral_element_group (select specific element group for post_quadrilateral).

Introduced test/other/tet10_2.dat (test tet10 element under gravity load).

Corrected bug in control_print_dof_line_element_group for post_calcul data (selected element group not correctly used).

Introduced test/other/mpc7.dat (example connecting two small elements to one large element).

Introduced test/other/shear1.dat (example shear soil to pile).

Introduced control_print_gid_element_mpc (optionally print not elements with mpc'd nodes).

Improved EasyTochnog (more clear generated input files).

Corrected bug in control_print_gid for printing the element_group of interfaces in certain situations.

Introduced test/other/smooth1.dat (example smoothing results in gid plot).

Changed control_print_gid_smooth_* (better smoothing).

Corrected bug in incremental driver for visco hypo laws.

Introduced post_point location plotting for control_print_gid.

Introduced the EasyTochnog input file generator (simple input file generation for typical calculations).

Introduced area_element_group_time (allow area_element_group to be evaluated at all times).

Introduced control_mesh_delete_geometry_direct (directly delete elements when present in a geometry).

Changed group_materi_elasti_young_power (introduced maximum young value).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_poisson_power (power law for poisson ratio).

Introduced control_print_gid_smooth (smooth results in gid plots).

Introduced control_reset_dof_value_method (allow relative of additional change of dof's).

Introduced control_print_dof_line_element_group (select a specific element group for control_print_dof_line_*).

Introduced scalar_* routines in user.h (mathematical scalar functions for user supplied routines).

Made pdf manuals searchable (previous underscore problem in searches solved).

Introduced mpc_element_group_coord_geometry (mpc nodes of a group only to other group if above lowest coordinate, eg for pile calculations).

Changed control_system_call (now also run at end of each control index, before only at end of each timestep).

Introduced data_ignore (ignore data in input files, can be set as environment symbol, see users manual).

Speed improvements mpc_*.

Corrected several mesh_gid_* options for combinations different element types.

Introduced mpc_apply (apply, or apply not, mpc's).

Introduced mesh_gid_arc (create arc with gid batch).

Introduced control_mesh_move (move the mesh).

Introduced control_mesh_mirror (mirror the mesh around one of the main axes).

Introduced control_mesh_copy (copy and move the mesh).

Introduced -method3 for control_mesh_remove (remove elements if all nodes are mpc'd).

Introduced global_node_dof_empty (optionally set, or set not, dof's in nodes of empty elements to zero).

Introduced constant part in group_materi_elasti_young_power_law.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_coord_limit (prevent plasticity problems near free surfaces).

Introduced test/other/node_type_1.dat (test for geometry_node_type).

Introduced geometry_node_type (select node type for geometry_*).

Introduced print_node_geometry_present_node_type (select node type for print_node_geometry_present).

Introduced print_element_geometry_present_node_type (select node type for print_element_geometry_present).

Introduced -truss_beam for control_mesh_macro (generate truss-beams along a line in space).

Introduced -all as special option for mpc_element_group (mpc an element group to all other groups).

Introduced -truss for control_mesh_macro (generate trusses along a line in space).

Introduced control_mesh_remove_really_activate_all (use stress factor in all nodes off re-activated element).

Introduced control_mesh_remove_really_activate_factor now also for pore pressures.

Introduced force_edge_water i.c.w. non-saturated groundwater calculations.

Introduced post_calcul_safety_maximum (maximum value for water safety lifting and piping)

Introduced labels (eg -velx, -vely, -pres) as number in print_filter for all records (eg for post_node_result)

Introduced print_gid_calculation_batch (run gid as batch to generate png result files at end calculation)

Introduced control_print_gid_batch (run gid as batch to generate png result files for specific index)

Introduced group_materi_elasti_camclay_pressure_min (minimum pressure in calculation bulk modulus camclay)

Introduced test/other/mesh_gid_8.dat (demonstrates how to use mesh_gid_* for pile calculations)

Introduced mesh_gid_line_structured_concentrate (concentrate structured element size at start of end of line)

Introduced mesh_gid_line_structured_size (structured element size at specific line)

Introduced new mesh_gid_* examples in test/other

Introduced mesh_gid_rectangle_* (generate rectangular object with gid batch)

Corrected mesh_gid_element (corrections for non default element types)

Introduced mesh_gid_cylinder_hollow and mesh_gid_sphere_hollow (use these as hollow regions)

Introduced control_mesh_gid_assign_conditions_point, control_mesh_gid_assign_conditions_line and control_mesh_gid_assign_conditions_surface (assign nodes to geometry_list records, use these for boundary conditions, excavations, etc.)

Introduced control_mesh_gid and mesh_gid_* (run GiD mesh generation as batch from inside Tochnog)

Introduced string routines in user.h (available for user supplied routines)

For users of GID pre- and postprocessor with Tochnog: the limit of nodes for the free GID is increased up to 10000

Introduced checking if bounda_* records are actually used (and give warning if not)

Introduced control_mesh_remove_really_activate_factor (factor to re-activate state variables elements after being removed)

Introduced start and end time for calculations in tochnog.log

Ignore empty elements for post_point, post_line etc. (even if nodes of the empty elements have non-zero dofs from full neighbour elements)

Introduced extra output for control_print_vtk for landslide calculations (selected customers only)

Corrected adonis scripts for writing -tria6 elements

Introduced group_beam_force_moment_plasti (ideally plastic limit of forces and moments in beam elements)

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Adonis 1 - Circular hole in youtube channel (Tochnog can read the FE mesh from Adonis).

Introduced post_point_element_group (limit post point search to a specific element group, convenient when point is located in more than 1 element)

Introduced reading mesh from adonis (easy/free geotechnics software; see the external_software/adonis directory in the distribution).

Changed development computer to linux mint 19 tara (old linux computers may not work with our new executables)

Corrected post_point, post_line etc. in combination with mesh -follow_material

Made control_print_vtk compatible with glvis visualisation package

Introduced printing of the coordinates themselves with control_print_dof.

Introduced control_print_dof_id (also print the node number to files with coordinates and dof results)

Introduced test/other/distri3.dat (example normal distributed young in bar, automatic statistical displacement result).

Introduced test/other/ground19_water_under_dam.dat (water flow under dam, limit water flux by extra vertical wall).

Corrected control_print_gmsh (sometimes wrong naming data)

Introduced some extra warnings on possible input errors.

Corrected some syntax for input files in the test/* directories.

Introduced test/other/hypo13.dat (biaxial test using Masin 2014 clay visco-hypoplasticity law).

Introduced test/other/hypo12.dat (oedometric test using Masin 2014 clay hypoplasticity law with intergranular strains).

Introduced test/other/hypo11.dat (biaxial test using Wolffersdorff-Niemunis hypoplasticity).

Introduced 2014 masin clay hypoplasticity with input data control_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay_ocr_apply, group_materi_plasti_hypo_cohesion, group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay, group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay_advanced_parameters, group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay_advanced_direction, group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay_ocr, group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_clay_structure and group_materi_plasti_hypo_strain_intergranular_masin_clay (courtesy Dr. David Masin).

Introduced input check on matrix norm intergranular strains (it should not exceed the R parameter).

Changed all postprocessing of the mobilised friction angle to degrees (it was radians before)

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_wolffersdorff_niemunis (extension classical Wolffersdorff hypoplasticity law, courtesy Dr. Andrjzej Niemunis)

Changed materi_plasti_hypo_history in initialisation (do not specify the number of history variables anymore, as preparation implementation several new hypoplastic laws)

Introduced new mathematical routines for user supplied laws in user.h

Changed group_materi_plasti_hypo_void_ratio_linear default to -yes

Introduced pile driving including free surface modelling (selected customers only)

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Racing Team in youtube channel.

Corrected bug in mpc_element_group (bug since 3 months, before it was ok, now solved).

Introduced free incremental driver for full, university and educational licenses (see also incremental_driver in the users manual).

Introduced test/other/earthquake_3.dat (column sand in deep sea subjected to eartquake base acceleration).

Corrected bug preventing calculation of data sometimes.

Corrected bug in control_print_vtk (wrong format coordinates).

Introduced test/other/dam_building (building dam , layer by layer).

Introduced test/other/vajont_slope_fs (real world initial instability calculation of slope).

Speed improvements large calculations (download adviced for those who do large calculations).

Faster post_point, post_line, mpc_element_group etc.

Corrected post_point for -hex20 elements.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Heat Exchanger Pile - 1 - Temperature Variation in youtube channel.

Introduced print_vtk_coord and control_print_vtk_coord (switch on/off printing coordinates in vtk as solution field).

Introduced print_vtk_other and print_gid_other (switch on/off other things in vtk and gid files).

Introduced control_print_vtk_group and print_vtk_group (switch on/off printing element group as result field in vtk files).

Introduced control_print_gid_group and print_gid_group (switch on/off printing element group as result field in gid files).

Introduced control_slide_plasti_apply (use, or use not, slide plasticity data).

Small manual corrections.

Corrected group_stiffness_relative.

Introduced control_print_gid_node_method, control_print_gmsh_node_method and control_print_vtk_node_method (select start nodes or deformed nodes for gid, gmsh and vtk).

Introduced control_print_vtk_dof, control_print_vtk_dof_calcul and control_print_vtk_other (filter printing in vtk files, to get smaller files).

Accuracy improvement multi-material landslide calculations (selected customers only).

Faster landslide calculations (selected customers only).

Removed 32-bit licenses. All licenses are 64 bit now.

Faster large parallel nonlinear calculations.

Memory saved for large parallel calculations.

Introduced static_pile_penetration_2d.dat (quasi-static push pile in soil, for selected customers only).

Introduced force_edge_diagram (make forces dependent on vertical displacements).

More clear explanation group_groundflow_capacity in groundwater theoretical section (in user.pdf manual).

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Masonry - 2 - Facade in youtube channel.

Introduced test/other/ground17.dat (calculation apparent young i.c.w. undrained ground water).

Introduced post_calcul_apparent_total (optionally use total strains and stresses for calculation apparent young and poisson).

Corrected calculation -young_apparent in post_calcul for volumetric softening materials.

Changed naming group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_reduction into group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_wall.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Masonry - 1 - Wall in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Editor - 2 - Foundation in youtube channel.

Corrected reading *cload in input_abaqus.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Freecad - 1 - Beam in youtube channel.

Introduced running Tochnog from within Freecad (see freecad/README.txt in the distribution).

Validated for writing valid tochnog input files (netgen is a free 3D preprocessor).

Introduced input_feflow_* (read mesh and hydraulic heads from FEFLOW calculation, use FEFLOW and Tochnog to calculate lifting and piping safety factors).

Corrected printing post_force_edge_..._summed inside multiple timesteps (it was only printed in the last timestep).

Introduced Tochnog Professional - PrePoMax - 2 - Run in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - PrePoMax - 1 - View Results in youtube channel.

Introduced prepomax directory in distribution (files to run tochnog from inside prepomax).

Corrected reading large nsets input_abaqus.

Corrected linking with user supplied umat.f routines (abaqus format).

Introduced control_print_frd (for Free PrePoMax pre- and postprocessor).

Introduced Tochnog Professional - GID - PrePost 4 - Run calculations in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - GID - PrePost 3 - Generate And Export Mesh in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - GID - PrePost 2 - Apply Tochnog in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - GID - PrePost 1 - Make Object in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Editor - Preprocessing 1 - Temperature Calculation in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Mecway - Preprocessing 1 - Tapered Beam in youstube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 6 - Select Points in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 5 - Slice and Clip in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 4 - Animations in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 3 - Contour Plots in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 2 - Vectors in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional - Paraview - Postprocessing 1 - Show Mesh in youtube channel.

Introduced Tochnog Professional youtube channel Tochnog Professional youtube .

Introduced reaction forces for control_print_vtk (print reaction forces in paraview).

Changed prescribed velocities and rotations to vectors for control_print_vtk (for paraview viewing).

Introduced control_reset_node (select nodes for which control_reset_dof should be applied).

Introduced temperature calculations in input_abaqus (read conductivity, concentrated fluxes, etc.).

Introduced tools/gnuplot in distribution (automatically replot history file with gnuplot for running calculation).

Corrected naming in vtk files from control_print_vtk (for paraview viewing).

Introduced *parameter in input_abaqus (convert abaqus parameters to tochnog input).

Simplified tochnog/mecway/*.dat files in the distribution (files used to run Tochnog from inside Mecway).

Validated version 8 for writing valid tochnog input files (by using input_abaqus).

Validated for writing valid tochnog input files (by using input_abaqus).

Introduced External programs sub-section at end of users manual (inside the Final Topics section).

Corrected bugs for input_abaqus (some tables not completely read).

Changed check_memory_usage to default -yes (default keep track on maximum used memory).

Introduced -element_average in control_print_gid_method (print in gid files for each element the average of the element results).

Corrected bug in calculations with large number of hex27 elements (memory fault leading the calculation to abort).

Introduced post_calcul_safety_method -global (hydraulic piping and safety lifting based on global stresses).

Introduced test/other/ground15.dat (example calculation hydraulic safety factors using principal stresses).

Introduced post_calcul_safety_method -prival (hydraulic piping and safety lifting based on principal stresses).

Allowed meshes with up to 10000 neighbouring (directly connected) elements.

Corrected bug in the license system for incremental driver. Users for the incremental driver should download the latest version.

Introduced heat_exchanger_pile_dt.dat (heat exchanger pile, temperature only, influence on settlements, etc.; comparison with experiments).

Introduced heat_exchanger_pile_load_dt.dat (heat exchanger pile, temperature and load, influence on settlements, etc.; comparison with experiments).

Corrected bug for area_element_group i.c.w. mpc_*(sometimes diverging solutions under specific conditions).

Introduced axisymmetric (globally set axisymmetry, no need for multiple group_axisymmetric anymore).

Introduced test/euler_lagrange/dynamic_pile_hammering_2d.dat (deep pile driving example, for selected customers only).

Introduced control_mesh_remove_remove_really (really do, or do not, remove elements by control_mesh_remove).

Introduced print_gid_deformed_mesh and control_print_gid_deformed_mesh (write deformed mesh to gid files, as opposed to initial mesh).

Corrected bug in generation student license information.

Improved tolerances in control_reset_value_multi_linear (allow nodal coordinates to be exactly on edge of section).

Corrected download problem for new download page, please try downloading again.

Introduced tochnog_trial -yes (explicitely use trial version, suppress further license checking).

Introduced 64 bit trial versions, see the download page.

Introduced extra error checking data items.

Corrected control_print_gid and control_print_gmsh and control_print_vtk (sometimes duplicate result names i.c.w. post_calcul).

Corrected area_element_group_sequence_time (wrong usage of times in table).

Introduced zip (automatically zip database files and postprocessing files).

Introduced post_apply (option to switch off postprocessing to save CPU time).

Changed control_post into control_post_apply (name change).

Changed check_data default to -yes.

Introduced gid manual in manuals section homepage.

Improved node_slide (more accurate determination direction of surface normal).

Introduced tools/convert_3d_2d in distribution (convert 3d node coordinates to 2d coordinates).

Introduced solver_pardiso_processors_maximum.

Introduced control_print_history_relative_time (change time axis in history files).

Introduced control_mesh_element_group_apply (select specific element groups which will be evaluated in the timesteps, default all).

Introduced control_timestep_iterations_automatic_redo (set to -no if timestepping should not be re-done, only proceed with smaller step if needed).

Changed default for mesh_boundary to -no.

Corrected area_element_group_sequence (sometimes crashed tochnog under specific conditions).

Improved gmsh user manual (made more clear convenient post processing commands).

Introduced 'calculations' - 'fast soil impact' example (soil penetrated by rocket, large deformations, free surface model, high mass inertia infuence).

Changed default print_element_geometry_present and print_node_geometry_present to -no (too much computer time and large gid files for large calculations).

Corrected geometry_set (for very long record lengths it lead to memory corruption).

Corrected post_point_eps_iso (it was not always used correctly).

Introduced 'calculations' - 'soil penetration' example (soil penetrated by object, large deformations, free surface model, soil flow refill).

Introduced control_mpc_apply (use, or use not, mpc conditions in certain timesteps).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_..._direct_visco equations in user manual.

Changed group_materi_plasti_element_group_factor (allow one value to specify all factors equal).

Introduced print_where (print what is being done, like evaluate boundary conditions, element loop, etc).

Introduced speed improvement for large heavy parallel computations.

Introduced test/other/visc_pl6.dat (viscoplasticity stress relaxation test i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct).

Removed control_timestep_iteration_extra (not needed anymore).

Introduced materi_plasti_tension_apply and control_materi_plasti_tension_apply (conveniently switch off tension plasticity without removing tension plasticity data).

Introduced test/other/visc_pl5.dat (viscoplasticity stress relaxation test i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_tension_direct).

Introduced test/other/visc_pl4.dat (viscoplasticity deformation test i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_tension_direct).

Introduced test/other/visc_pl3.dat (viscoplasticity deformation test i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct).

Introduced viscoplasticity in group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct and group_materi_plasti_tension_direct and group_materi_plasti_compresion_direct.

Corrected bug in post_point (under specific conditions the post_point was not located correctly in the elements).

Introduced post_group_summed (number of elements in group 0, group 1, etc.).

Introduced test/incremental_driver/triaxial_compression_test_drained_hypo_intergranular_isa.dat.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_strain_isa in incremental_driver.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_strain_isa (hypoplastic law for small strain effects in cyclic loading, extension to intergranular strains).

Changed mesh_deform for control_print_gid i.c.w. materi_velocity_integrated (now consistent with materi_displacement)

Introduced Youtube video tutorials in Examples section.

Introduced node_boundary and element_boundary (tells if nodes and elements are located on the mesh boundary).

Use initial node coordinates in control_mesh_cut (as opposed to previously current node coordinates, which gives unexpected behavior in large deformations).

New arguments in user_failure (user supplied failure routine, eg for erosion modelling)

Corrected license problems when running multiple calculations on one computer.

Corrected bug in control_timestep_iterations_automatic (in rare situations the timestepping did not finish completely).

Introduced check_target -no (neglect any target_* records, if needed).

Introduced frequency 0 for force_edge_sine etc.

Introduced dtime (last timestep in calculation, for printing only, eg in a control_print_history to understand how the calculation behaves).

Introduced element_group_apply (yet another method to change the group of elements during calculation).

Introduced test/other/interface9.dat (axisymmetric interface test).

More clear error messages in parallel computations.

Improved stability groundflow calculation for low permeability and capacity.

Improved parallelisation.

Deleted superlu solver (not needed anymore).

Corrected memory leak in incremental_driver (not wrong results, only too much memory usage).

Introduced test/other/dynamic8.dat (2d numerical damping test using materi_dynamic).

Introduced test/other/earthquake_2.dat (open mining pit subjected to earthquake).

Corrected usage post_calcul -materi_stress -young_apparent for very small strains (unreliable results for small strains are prevented).

Introduced test/other/mesh_cut_2.dat (test mesh cut way 2D, equlibrium with nodal force of cut away part).

Introduced test/other/mesh_cut_1.dat (test mesh cut way 1D, equlibrium with nodal force of cut away part).

Introduced test/other/dynamic7.dat (test wave reflection suppression at boundary with special damping properties, hypoplastic law).

Introduced test/other/dynamic6.dat (test wave reflection suppression at boundary with special damping properties, elastic law).

Introduced test/other/dynamic5.dat (test numerical damping in 2d dynamic elastic foundation).

Introduced support_edge_normal_damping_automatic_young_apparent (automatic damping properties at border to prevent numerical reflections in dynamic calculations with nonlinear material laws, eg hypoplasticity).

Introduced materi_dynamic (time integration dynamic calculations with less numerical damping).

Corrected usage geometry_method (it was sometimes neglected).

Introduced incremental_driver in users manual.

Deleted not needed data prints from print_data_name.

Changed groundflow_phreatic_level_static_pressure_height_element_group (more flexible usage, an element group can be specified for each different region).

Introduced post_group_volume_summed (sum of element volumes for each group).

Solved problem with student license mechanism for computer locked licenses.

Corrected bug in group_materi_damage_mazars (wrong results).

Improved stability plasticity iterations for heavily non-associated laws.

Introduced test/other/laminate4.dat (test calculation multilaminate rock with analytical solution).

Introduced print_vtk_define (use defined words i.s.o. geometry names in vtk/paraview plots, e.g. left_edge i.s.o. geometry_line 10).

Introduced print_gmsh_define (use defined words i.s.o. geometry names in gmsh/mecway plots, e.g. left_edge i.s.o. geometry_line 10).

Introduced print_gid_define (use defined words i.s.o. geometry names in gid plots, e.g. left_edge i.s.o. geometry_line 10).

Skipped version numbering, versions are identified by build date from now on.

Introduced for user supplied routines the file user.h in the user supplied version (internal math routines available for user supplied functionality)

Introduced for group_materi_elasti_c_direction automatic normalisation of directions.

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple_static i.c.w. non-static phreatic lines.

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_static_pressure_height_element_group (restrict user specified static height to specific element group).

Introduced suppressing all hydraulic heads etc. for groundflow_apply -no.

Skipped beta numbering in versions, only stable versions from now on.

Introduced support_edge_normal_density (distributed density on a support edge)

Introduced abaqus wheatstone bridge example in the examples section (automatically convert mesh to Tochnog).

Introduced abaqus bolted pipe joint example in the examples section (automatically convert mesh to Tochnog).

Introduced geolink/tunnel example in the examples section.

Corrected bug in group_materi_history_variable_user_parameters (parameters not transferred to routine)

Introduced mecway - tochnog 'manual meshing 3' in the examples section.

Introduced mecway - tochnog 'basic graphics tutorial' in the examples section.

Introduced geolink/tank example in the examples section.

Introduced group_materi_failure_user (user supplied routine for element failure and deletion)

Corrected bug in control_mesh_rotate (sometimes wrong element connectivity generated)

Introduced geolink/bridge example in the examples section.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_reduction_direction ... -automatic (automatic direction vector for isoparametric slip formulation).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_c_direction (optional local axes for group_materi_elasti_c).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_c (direct specification of material stiffness matrix, allows for any kind of anisotropy).

Corrected bug reading plate thickness for input_abaqus_* (the thickness was neglected)

Corrected bug when combining control_distribute ... -node_dof ... and control_reset_dof (wrong values).

Introduced post_calcul_safety_default (default lifting and piping safety for small pressures).

Introduced node_dynamic_pressure (user specified dynamic pressure in a node).

Introduced node_static_pressure (user specified static pressure in a node).

Introduced node_total_pressure (user specified total pressure in a node).

Introduced control_print_partialname (print multiple records with the same starting partial names).

Introduced tochnog/tools/other/gmake.exe (e.g. use it to run in tochnog/test/other tests with gmake).

Improved speed linear calculations.

Improved pardiso solver parallelisation.

Improved speed heavy parallel computations.

Introduced control_print_number_iterations (print iteration number, convenient for very large calculations).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/smc_1.dat (example Strong Motion CD file, analytical solution signal).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/smc_2.dat (example Strong Motion CD file, earthquake signal).

Introduced bounda_found (indicates if bounda_* are actually used at some nodes, for printing only).

Introduced input_abaqus_mesh (use only the mesh data from the abaqus file, nothing else).

Introduced all area integrals like force_edge_* etc. with lobatto integration group_integration_method ... lobatto.

Corrected bug in control_print_dof_line ... -sequential (incorrect sequential numbering of files).

Corrected bug in group_groundflow_expansion (wrong results).

Introduced running Mecway under linux in the Tochnog - Mecway manual.

Introduced geometry_moving ... -geometry_point (move a point through space and automatically excavate FE mesh; for complex meshes in complex material layers).

Introduced geometry_triangle for geometry_moving (triangle excavation shape moving).

Introduced geometry_quadrilateral for geometry_moving (quadrilateral excavation shape moving).

Introduced geometry_hexahedral for geometry_moving (hexahedral excavation shape moving).

Introduced geometry_thetrahedral for geometry_moving (thetrahedral excavation shape moving).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/geometry_moving1.dat (example of geometry moving through arbitrary mesh and excavating the mesh).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_reduction (interface behaviour inside isoparametric element, including friction angle, cohesion and dilatancy).

Introduced tension cutoff limit in group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_reduction (interface tension cutoff inside isoparametric element).

Introduced test/other/mohr_coulomb_reduction_1.dat and test/other/mohr_coulomb_reduction_2.dat (tests mohr coulomb interface slip on boundary or between material groups).

Introduced node_convection_apply (de-activate convection contributions in a specific node).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_pressure_limit_method (select coordinate component to switch off plasticity near free surfaces).

Introduced mpc_element_group_closest (if no target element is found, use the closest target element to generate mpc's).

Corrected bug printing interface elements in control_print_vtk, control_print_gmsh and control_print_tecplot

Interface with Mecway 3.0 , see

Gmsh and Mecway manuals on internet on the manuals page.

Introduced input_abaqus_group (convert, or convert not, group_* data from abaqus to tochnog).

Introduced node_mass and node_damping for input_abaqus conversion.

Introduced spring1 and spring2 for input_abaqus conversion.

Introduced truss and truss_beam for input_abaqus conversion.

Introduced node_mesh (specify mesh follow material or fixed in space per node).

Introduced control_mesh_remove (remove elements if they are completely covered by other elements).

Introduced control_mesh_remove_geometry (restrict geometry for applying control_mesh_remove).

Introduced control_mpc_element_group (optionally ask for mpc_element_group to be evaluated each timestep).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mpc (reduced plasticity in elements attached to mpc's).

Introduced combined lagrangian - eulerian calculations (for selected customers only).

Improved error messaging for input_abaqus conversion.

Improved linux executable speed.

Improved ms windows executable speed.

Introduced 32 bit arm excutables (selected customers only).

Parallel implementation control_mesh_remove.

Parallel implementation control_mpc_element_group.

Corrected bug in control_mesh_change_element_group (only make element_group records for existing elements).

Improved parallelisation speed up..

Introduced control_mpc_element_group_frequency_timestep and control_mpc_element_group_frequency_timeinterval (selective application of control_mpc_element_group).

Introduced control_mesh_remove_frequency_timestep and control_mesh_remove_frequency_timeinterval (selective application of control_mesh_remove).

Introduced mpc_element_group_dof (selective dofs to be mpc'd for mpc_element_group).

Introduced plasti_reduction_factor plotting in gid (reduction plastic parameters from group_materi_plasti_bounda, group_materi_plasti_element_group etc.).

Introduced plotting of geometries in gid plots.

Better naming convention in gid plots for post_calcul results.

Introduced post_element_force_force (add external forces like gravity and edge loads etc. to post_element_force results).

Introduced post_element_force_inertia (add inertia force to post_element_force results).

Introduced post_element_force_multiply_factor (change result post_element_force to other units or other sign).

Introduced test/other/force16.dat (test post_element_force in calculation with gravity).

Introduced test/other/force17.dat (test post_element_force in calculation with gravity and inertia).

More clear manual for post_element_force and control_print_vtk.

Introduced post_data (follow result of summed data items with multiplication factor, e.g. for plotting summation of forces in time).

Introduced control_print_vtk_node_method (specify the name of the node record to be used for the coordinates in the vtk file).

Corrected excessive memory usage control_mesh_macro when many records are used.

Introduced tensors from post_calcul as plots for control_print_vtk.

Improved control_mesh_macro_concentrate (start and end concentration possible).

Introduced condif* edge contributions in 1D (condif_convection_edge_normal etc.).

Introduced groundflow* edge contributions in 1D (groundflow_flux_edge_normal etc.).

Installed latest pardiso solver for solver -matrix_pardiso.

More clear README_UMAT_USER.txt (better explanation input file for user supplied umat).

Introduced as extra post-processing for group_materi_plasti_hypo_wolffersdorff the density index I_d = (ec-e)/(ec-ed).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_void_ratio_linear (optionally approximate void ratio change with linear expression).

Changed definition of tochnog materials in gid.

Beta versions are now complete with manuals, test files, gid interface files, etc..

Introduced test/other/earthquake_1.dat (example earthquake response deep sea soil column).

Introduced test/other/slope_nonlocal_refine.dat (example slope intial instability, non-local plasticity, automatic mesh refinement).

Allow more long strings in abaqus.inp for input_abaqus.

Increased maximum length of most data items.

Upgraded user supplied distribution to Linux Mint 17.1 rebecca.

Introduced element_intpnt_method (contains integration method used in element, for printing only)

Introduced element_intpnt_npoint (contains number of integration points used in element, for printing only)

Introduced dof_principal (record indicating if dof's of dof_label are principal dof like velocity, temperature and hydraulic head)

Introduced element_intpnt_h (contains for an element the interpolation polynomial in all integration points for all nodes)

Introduced element_intpnt_iso_coord (contains for an element the isoparametric coordinates in all integration points for all nodes)

Introduced test/other/interface13.dat (shear of interface placed under angle in x-y plane).

Introduced test/other/pridbs2.dat (test restarting from dbs file in solid mechanics).

Improved tools/parameter_variation/parameter.cpp (parameter variation example).

Introduced -element_group, -element_geometry and -geometry_set for bounda_dof (specify boundary conditions with element groups or element geometries).

Introduced test/other/slope_classical_numerical.dat (compare classical slip line theory with numerical calculation).

Extended bounda_sine with constant static loads.

Corrected bug in print_filter for node_dof_calcul and post_point_dof_calcul.

Changed default for print_gid_old to -no.

Introduced control_print_database_method ... size_tot (print size of all database records in the database).

Introduced control_print_database_method ... size_tot_large (print size of database records larger then 1 Mb in the database).

Introduced List input files with options in the user manual (search input files in the distribution containing several words).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/foundation_consolidation_settlement.dat (settlement of foundation due to phreatic level lowering).

Improved input_abaqus (reading abaqus node tables with less coordinates than the number of dimensions).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/abaqus1*.dat (test input_abaqus with boltpipeflange_3d_solidgask.inp).

Improved error checking for input_abaqus.

Introduced control_print_gmsh_dummy (activate or suppress dummy elements in gmsh post processing files).

Corrected bug in control_print_gmsh i.c.w. control_print_gmsh_element_data ... -no (wrong $ElementNodeData format).

Improved input_abaqus and control_print_gmsh for Mecway interfacing (

Introduced check_warning (suppress, or do not suppress, warnings).

Introduced post_node_rhside_ratio_method (allow for alternative definition of this error measure).

Introduced post_node_factor (allow for multiplication factor for post_node).

Introduced control_mesh_keep_geometry (keep only elements inside a geometry, convenient to plot details in structure).

Introduced -element_geometry as option for bounda_dof (specify conditions for element geometry regions).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/large2.dat (test computer speed and memory usage with large consolidation calculation).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/large3.dat (same as large2.dat but with staggered solution of fields to allow for very large meshes).

Introduced node_bounded (indicate if the dof in a node is set to a bounded value with bounde_dof).

Introduced node_bounded_index (gives the index of the bounde_dof record which actually sets the dof value).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/post7.dat (demonstrate postprocessing of external reaction forces in dynamic calculation).

Introduced post_calcul matrix data plotting for control_print_gmsh (total stresses in groundwater calculations etc.).

Corrected bug in group_truss_initial_force , it was used as stress, it is defined as force however.

Corrected bug in post_force_gravity_summed (wrong postprocessing value, gravity itself was correct).

Introduced post_slide_force_summed (sum of slide forces in global axes).

Allowed slide_* in combination with solver -none.

Lower memory usage for solver -diagonal.

Introduced tochnog/test/other/diagonal1.dat (test solver -diagonal).

Installed latest pardiso solver for solver -matrix_pardiso.

Introduced post_materi_inertia_summed and post_slide_force_summed for post_global.

Introduced control_data_copy_index (copy dataitem with index to other data with other index).

Introduced control_data_copy_factor and control_data_copy_index_factor (multiplication factor for copying data).

Introduced node_force (discrete nodal force at a specific node).

Introduced copying node_inertia to node_force with control_data_copy (substitute inertia forces by static forces, d'alembert principle).

Introduced control_materi_plasti_hardsoil_gammap_initial (initial contribution to gammap in hardsoil so it can start with deviatoric stresses).

Changed group_materi_umat development platform to latest linux mint.

Introduced calculation landslide impact force on concrete safety walls.

Introduced data_activate_time (specify specific time for which data can be activated or de-activated).

Introduced indices for data_activate_* (allow activation of several items).

Introduced data_delete and data_delete_time (delete data at specified time).

Introduced geometry_element_geometry (limit geometries using the element_geometry records).

Introduced density variations in landslide materials.

Improved efficiency control_mesh_truss_distribute_mpc*.

Changed integration scheme prism12 interfaces.

Introduced fully implicit time integration convective contributions.

Introduced landslide plots in gmsh.

Only print the right-hand-side (rhside) for materi_velocity and groundflow_pressure and condif_temperature in gmsh.

Better input error checking for control_print_history and control_print_data_versus_data.

Improved tecplot file from control_print_tecplot (smaller, more efficient files)

Introduced check_data and control_check_data (check consistency in-core database during calculation).

Introduced print_data_name (print all allowed names of input file, fast find options).

Corrected bug in control_mesh_generate_interface_method (corrected element group selection).

Changes in license system for slow computers.

Introduced geometry_list (list of specific nodes which together form the geometry).

Introduced in gid generation of geometry_list (impose boundary conditions and edge forces etc. on arbitrary geometries).

Introduced generation of geometry_list for input_abaqus (generate geometry lists from abaqus sets).

Introduced input_abaqus_name (select which abaqus elements are converted into tochnog elements).

Introduced input_abaqus_element_group (select which groups are written).

Introduced tools/parameter_variation (parameter variations in tochnog calculations).

Corrected bug in groundflow_flux_edge_normal.

Introduced tochnog_version_beta (-yes for beta executables, -no for stable executables).

Introduced group_materi_umat in incremental driver (use incremental driver with your own umat.f routine).

Introduced post_element_force for 1D calculations.

Introduced more clear messages on input errors.

Changed mesh_keep_node, now keep all elements which have at least one of the nodes.

Changed force_edge_element_side etc., now allow for multiple elements.

Corrected bug in post_bounda_force_summed i.c.w. bounda_save.

Changed control_print_data_versus_data (keep the results of previous calculation, don't empty file at beginning anymore).

Introduced global_post_point (select if post_point etc. should the determined for the initial start mesh or deformed mesh).

Introduced control_print_dof_line_method (print initial start coordinates or deformed nodal coordinates in files with dof's).

Introduced control_timestep_until_* (stop timesteps if minimum or maximum value of data record is exceeded).

Corrected bug in control_mesh_refine_locally_only* (record was not used).

Introduced control_zip (automatically zip postprocessing files and databases during the calculation).

Introduced latest pardiso solver .

Introduced control_mesh_refine_locally_minimal_size (minimal allowed element size in local mesh refinement).

Introduced control_mesh_refine_locally_only_method (select if all or any of the element nodes are needed for this only geometry selector).

Introduced control_mesh_refine_locally_not_method (select if all or any of the element nodes are needed for this not geometry selector).

Introduced control_mesh_truss_distribute_mpc_exact_minimal_length_connect (do, or do not, connect trusses passing a small distance in space below a minimal length).

Introduced element_force_edge_water in control_print_vtk.

Introduced geometry_method (select elements completely or partially in a geometry entity).

Extended control_print_beam_force_moment with truss forces as axial force.

Full static c++ code check.

Introduced tools directory in distribution (automatically install new version with one command).

Corrected bugs in control_print_vtk.

Corrected bug in groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple_static (this record was not always detected).

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_only (only groundflow calculation for groups inside multiple phreatic levels).

Introduced element_delete_factor in vtk and gmsh plots (factor that elements are active when being deleted).

Changed change_data_item to allow for changing mutiple numbers in a record at once (convenient for changing phreatic levels etc.).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/excavate1.dat (water filled excavation example).

Improved file read/write on slow disks (by example network disks).

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple_element_geometry (select regions for multiple phreatic levels by element_geometry records).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/mohr_coul_direct5.dat (mohr coulomb test with analytical solution).

Changed tochnog/test/other/foundation1.dat (changed parameters; compare with classical Terzaghi solution).

Introduced check_memory_usage (keep record on the amount of memory used by a calculation).

Introduced in bounda_dof specification of ttemp (specify time rate of temperature).

Introduced bounda_alternate (allow for large calculation by alternating boundary conditions, eg 1.2e6 elements on 32GB computer).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/alternate1.dat (demonstrate bounda_alternate).

Introduced bounda_constant (keep unknown constant, thus re-use old value).

Corrected bug in post-processing record post_force_volume_summed.

Improved control_print_gmsh (added labels, vector fields in nodes, etc.).

Introduced control_print_gid_dof and control_print_gid_dof_calcul (select fields to be written to gid files).

Introduced control_print_gmsh_element_group (select groups to be written to gmsh files).

Introduced control_print_gmsh_defomed_mesh (plot on deformed mesh or initial mesh).

Introduced print_gmsh_calculation, print_vtk_calculation and print_tecplot_calculation (print, or do not print, gms, vtk and tecplot plot files after calculation).

Introduced axisymmetric spring elements.

Introduced bounda_save and control_bounda_save (save calculation time analysing boundary conditions).

Introduced plotting active multi-point-constraints in gmsh and vtk.

Introduced plotting node boundary indicator in gmsh and vtk.

Introduced print_node_geometry_present and print_element_geometry_present (list in database for each node and element in which geometries they are present in the records node_geometry_present and element_geometry_present).

Introduced gmsh and vtk plotting of nodes and elements present in geometries (convenient to check the geometries in your input file).

Introduced all data without index and 1 long as environment symbol (eg PROCESSORS 1 , PRINT_GID_CALCULATION -no and PRINT_GMSH_CALCULATION -yes). See section Environment symbols in the chapter Final topics.

Introduced print_group_data for gmsh plots (see in gmsh values for group_* values per element, check your dependencies, etc.).

Introduced print_group_data results as element_print_group_data_value records in the dbs file (manually check if your group data is like you want per element).

Introduced node_rhside result plots in gmsh (these are external forces at nodes of prescribed displacements, or water influx at nodes of prescribed pressure, etc.).

Introduced incremental driver in order form.. Example pictures in Incremental_Driver homepage section, and input files in the test/incremental_driver distribution directory.

Faster license check (speed up calculations).

More clear error messages.

Simpler makefile's in tochnog/test/* directories.

Corrected maximum element matrix length for bounda_dof ... -veln.

Introduced post_calcul_static_pressure_height (allow for static pressure reference height different than a phreatic level).

Introduced check_nan (check for Not A Number, extra test for calculation which have trouble).

Introduced -updated_jaumann for group_materi_memory (classical jaumann updated formulation).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct_eps_iter (iteration break criterium for mohr-coul direct iterations).

Introduced area_element_group_interface (use, or do not use, interface elements in area_element_group record).

Introduced control_print_gid_element_group (select specific element groups for the gid files).

Introduced check_solver (check for zero diagonal terms in solver).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/update3.dat (updated jaumann example).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/consolidation_gibson.dat (2d plane strain consolidation benchmark, gibsom et al 1970).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/consolidation_gibson_symmetric.dat (2d plane strain consolidation benchmark, gibsom et al 1970, symmetric pardiso).

Updated gid - tochnog preprocessor interface. Updated gid manual.

Corrected in control_materi_plasti_hypo_pressure_dependent_void_ratio.

Slightly improved convergence consolidated groundwater calculations.

Changed default of processors_maximum to -yes.

Changed default group_interface_materi_residual_stiffness to 0.01 (more stable in complex calculations).

Corrected bug in scanning ranges in include files.

Corrected bug in mpc_geometry (sometimes the mpc_geometry with the highest index was not used).

Introduced print_gid_coord and control_print_gid_coord (plot coordinates of nodes in gid, convenient to see height of structures).

Introduced icontrol (last performed control index, convenient for restarting calculation).

Introduced solver_pardiso_ordering and control_solver_pardiso_ordering (allow for more pardiso ordering methods).

Introduced node_boundary plotting in gid (easily see where external boundary of model is).

Introduced geometry_boundary (restrict geometries to either boundary of mesh or inside of mesh).

Introduced group_groundflow_total_pressure_factor (multiplication factor with which pore pressures are used in total stress).

Introduced group_materi_total_pressure_minimum (apply water pressure from maximum water height in tension cracked elements, for critical concrete safety analysis).

Introduced group_interface_materi_total_pressure_minimum.

Introduced bounda_water (easily specify groundwater pressure boundary conditions from phreatic level above mesh).

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple for parts of the domain.

Introduced groundflow_interface_groundflow_capacity.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_tension_direct_automatic (automatically place tension limit in apex mohr-coulomb surface).

Introduced element_force_edge and element_force_edge_water plotting in gid (plot size of forces element-by-element, not averaged over nodes).

Introduced control_mesh_convert_tria6_tria3 to convert tria6 into tria3.

Introduced latest intel mkl library (pardiso solver, distributions, ...).

Introduced defined words in ranges-ra ... -ra (both defined words and 1-level nested defines are allowed).

New options incremental driver.

New definition -safety_piping in post_calcul.

Corrected print_gid_group_data for data with a varying length.

Introduced bounda_time_factor (multiplication factor for loads in time table).

Introduced control_materi_viscosity_apply (switch on or off viscosity).

Corrected water total pressure calculation i.c.w. multi-point-constraints.

Corrected hypoplastic void ratio for large deformations.

Corrected post_calcul -young_apparent (sometimes wrong value)

Changed group_materi_damping (new definition like mass term in rayleigh damping)

Introduced group_materi_factor (specify a factor to allow for different units between material law and remainder input file)

Do not plot inactive elements from group_time anymore in gid.

Corrected slide_* contribution to -post_node_rhside_ratio

Introduced tochnog/test/other/dynamic4.dat (node_mass dynamic test).

Introduced solver_bicg_* (iterative bicg control options for whole calculation).

Introduced control_solver_bicg_* (iterative bicg control options for specific control index).

Introduced interface directions in gid plots.

Introduced pardiso openmp reordering.

Changed processors_partition* to default 1 (save computer memory).

Faster license control, speed up calculations.

Updates to incremental driver, options, documentation.

Corrected executable name if there are spaces in the path.

Updates to landslide algorithm, lagrange thickness update slides.

Improved convergence behaviour for groundwater calculations with consolidation and positive overpressures

Improved convergence behaviour for groundwater calculations with consolidation and small water capacity

Introduced printing of executable name in MS Windows.

Improved beta release system (directory structure in zip file, all archives for user supplied routines).

Improved manual part on dynamic calculations (see the Final topics section at the end of the users manual).

Introduced input_gmsh (read mesh from gmsh preprocessor).

Introduced control_print_gmsh (print results for gmsh postprocessor).

Introduced control_timestep_reduce_displacement (take smaller timesteps if the maximum nodal displacement increment is too large).

Introduced control_timestep_iterations_extra (let user decide on extra iteration at end timestep; convenient to prevent numerical damping in dynamic analysis).

Improved post_node_rhside_ratio for explicit dynamic calculations (with mass inertia activated, and using 1 iteration per timestep).

Changed definition of post_node_rhside_ratio (not only reaction forces at fixed nodes anymore but also prescribed external forces like force_edge_*).

Changed geometry_bounda_factor into geometry_factor (for more generic use).

Introduced geometry_factor for force_edge_* options.

Introduced processors_used (show the amount of processors, threads, that is actually used).

Corrected bug in control_print_interface_stress (wrong printing for 3D interfaces).

Improved input_abaqus (more elements available).

Upgraded control_print_tecplot to newest tecplot version.

Changed format tochnog_version.

Corrected printing of OCR i.c.w. group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_structure.

Upgraded to latest intel compilers.

Higher level of compiler optimisations (for faster executables).

Improved license mechanism.

Improved executable protection with crypt techniques (Please allow for execution if your antivirus under ms windows gives a false positive virus warning).

Small manual improvements.

Student licenses available on demand.

umat.f compile mechanism more simple.

Introduced control_post and control_post_element_force (optionally de-activate some post commands during timesteps, to save cpu time).

Introduced element_middle (coordinates of element middle, will be filled during calculation, can be used for external postprocessing).

Introduced control_data_copy (copy from one data item to other data item).

Introduced materi_acceleration (initialize material acceleration fields, for dynamic analysis).

Introduced bounda_time_smc (read SMC files for dynamic earthquake analysis).

Introduced bounda_baseline_correction (option to correct specified acceleration signal to prevent artificial drift).

Introduced bounda_time_offset (time_offset for times in bounda_time; convenient for imported external data).

Introduced bounda_time_increment (fixed time_increment for data in bounda_time; convenient for imported external data).

Changed control_print_interface_stress (now also print average interface stresses in the middle of interfaces in 3D).

Changed control_timestep_iterations in such way that in a dynamic analysis there is no numerical damping anymore).

Corrected group_interface_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct in 3D (routine did not always converge).

Corrected contact_spring bug in gid plotting.

Changed force_edge_water (now uses groundflow_density and force_gravity).

Deleted groundflow_total_pressure_atmosferic_cutoff (now only use groundflow_total_pressure_limit to define maximum positive pore pressure).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/force14.dat (test force calculation in beam with distributed top load).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/force15.dat (test force calculation in axisymmetric shell with distributed top load).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/dynamic1.dat (test numerical dynamic damping in truss element).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/dynamic2.dat (test numerical dynamic damping in bar element).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/dynamic3.dat (test precribed acceleration on node).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/truss14.dat (test large deformation truss with total lagrange formulation).

Introduced the new incremental driver on the homepage (calculate homogeneous experiments; mohr-coulomb and all hypo laws; fast, parallel).

Deleted printing gid files on error exit (this tended to give problems).

Clearified pardiso internal error messages.

Solved division by zero in hypo laws intergranular strain direction for zero initial intergranular strains.

Implemented error checking for stiffness returned by external umat routines.

Included changes.html in beta distribution (defines which changes are present in the beta distribution).

Better info in case of insufficient computer memory.

Upgraded to intel mkl linux (newest pardiso solver, random distribute, ...).

Updated -pardiso solver to latest version.

Cleaned compiling and linking of user supplied routines user.cpp and umat.f.

Introduced area_element_group_sequence_interface (change groups in time not for interfaces, optional).

Introduced control_mesh_delete_geometry_stop_geometry* (select specific regions to stop deleting elements).

Introduced mesh_interface_triangle_* (automatically generate interface elements in a specified triangulated plane in 3d tet4 mesh).

Introduced force_gravity_geometry (limit the gravity force to elements inside a geometry).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/ground11_nonsaturated.dat (example calculation with cycling water level using nonsaturated soil).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/ground11_phreatic_level.dat (example calculation with cycling water level using phreatic level).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/laminate3.dat (example calculation with mohr-coulomb plasticity in crossing laminates).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/interface12.dat (example calculation force transmission in quadratic interface element).

Introduced tochnog/test/other/ground12_dupuit.dat (well groundflow calculation, prescribed well pressure, calculated flux, validation against analytical solution).

Introduced control_system_call (perform a system call, eg send an email that the calculation reached a certain point).

Introduced tochnog archive 64 bit in distribution (for umat users).

Set in GID groundwater pressure to null in nodes without groundwater elements.

Corrected bug in tables for very large numbers (e.g. 1.e20).

Better error checking.

Cleaned makefile for test calculations.

Improved landslide algorithm (consultancy only).

Improved memory usage for single processor calculations.

Introduced control_safety for axisymmetric calculations.

Introduced matrix_superlu solver for linux 64 bit.

Introduced groundflow_flux_edge_normal_* (prescribed distributed water fluxes on edge domain).

Changed control_print_interface_* (now also for partial section of interface elements).

Changed time integration hypoplastic intergranular strains (the old routine had problems for some examples).

Clearified compilation of user supplied umat routines.

Corrected bug in processors_maximum.

Better error checking.

Introduced node as geometry entity.

Introduced control_print_vtk_empty (include, or do not include, empty elements in vtk files).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_shear_factor (multiply shear stiffness with factor; convenient to get low shear stresses in calculation).

Introduced strain_settlement_* (prescibed settlement strains, eg for road buiding etc.).

Improved input_abaqus with better error checking.

Improved input_abaqus with data reading.

Automatic conversion of windows format abaqus.inp to linux format for input_abaqus

Better tochnog.gid files for ms windows (interface with gid).

Introduced dos2unix in the tools directory tool on our ftp server (convert windows text files to linux text files).

Introduced control_mesh_macro_concentrate (concentrate element fineness somewhere in macro region).

Introduced group_truss_elasti_elongation_force_diagram (truss elongation versus force, typically obtained from supplier tables).

Introduced processors_maximum (switch to set the number of processors automatically to its maximum).

Introduced tochnog_processors_maximum as environment symbol (switch to set the number of processors automatically to its maximum for all calculations).

Deleted group_interface_materi_plasti_mohr_coul and group_interface_materi_plasti_tension (always use the group_interface_materi_plasti..._direct).

Fixed system error message on ubuntu systems (just redundant message, did not obstruct calculation).

Changed distribution CD's; more clean and clear structure.

Better input error checking.

Better parallelisation for nonlinear calculations.

Tochnog has been ported to android phones/tablets.

Introduced secure internet page for clients distribution downloads.

Introduced processors_partition (set in detail how the element loop is parallised)

Introduced end time in force_edge_sine and force_edge_normal_sine (eg end time in shake functions in earth quake analysis)

Introduced control_print_materi_stress_force (print forces and moments in convenient ascii files)

Improved solver -matrix_iterative_bicg for large stiffnesses (beams, truss, interfaces, ...)

Introduced input_abaqus (transfer abaqus input files to tochnog input files).

Introduced force_edge_element etc. (select specific elements for imposing edge forces etc.).

Introduced solver_pardiso_processors (set the number of processors to be used by pardiso).

Introduced geometry_line_eps_iso and geometry_triangle_eps_iso and geometry_quadrilateral_eps_iso (tolerance on isoparametric coordinates of geometries).

Introduced post_point_eps_iso (tolerance on post_point to be located in an element).

Introduced mpc_element_group (generate mpc's between two element groups, attach one group to other group).

Introduced slide_plasti_tension (maximum tensile force in slide boundary).

Introduced control_mesh_renumber_element_geometry_offset (offset in element geometry numbers when renumbering mesh).

Introduced control_mesh_renumber_element_group_offset (offset in element group numbers when renumbering mesh).

Introduced control_mesh_truss_distribute_mpc_unknown (select unknowns to mpc in distribution of trusses over isoparametric elements).

Introduced control_mesh_change_element_group (change group number of elements).

Introduced mpc_element_group_geometry (select a geometry for mpc_element_group_geometry).

Introduced truss_beam elements as option for control_mesh_truss_distribute_* (generate mpc's between truss beams and isoparametric mother elements).

Introduced plotting of mpc indicator in gid.

Improved calculation outward normals at boundary (used in several algorithms, e.g. contact).

Improved input checking.

Corrected control_print_history (array bound exceeded for long records).

Corrected post_point (the post point was not found for some elements in some meshes).

Introduced geometry_circle_part (part of a circle, between two angles).

Introduced control_mesh_duplicate_element_group (duplicate elements from old group to new group, same nodes).

Introduced better input error checking.

Introduced bounda_print_mesh_dof_* and print_mesh_dof (print result fields in a first calculation, and use as prescribed values in following calculations).

Changed group_materi_elasti_k0, now allow i.c.w. group_materi_elasti_hardsoil.

Introduced prism6 and prism15 in gid pre-processing.

Introduced groundflow_seepage_eps (specify tolerance when seepage condition is active).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_young_user_parameters (input file defined parameters for user supplied routine Young modulus).

Introduced group_materi_history_variable_user (user supplied routine for history variables).

Introduced support_edge_normal_plasti_friction (maximum mohr-coulomb friction force in support_*).

Introduced support_edge_normal_plasti_tension_double (specify double value for the support tension plasticity).

Introduced support_edge_normal_time (specify time factor for support_edge_normal, eg excavate support with this).

Introduced support_edge_normal_force_initial (initial normal force in supports).

Introduced area_element_group_unknown_* (change element_group depending on a solution field).

Introduced area_element_group_element (select element name for area_element_group_* action).

Made -element_geometry available in area_element_group.

Corrected user supplied routines user_interface_materi_stress_displacement and user_plasti.

Corrected printing element_group in control_print_vtk.

Introduced control_data_activate (active or de-activate data in a calculation).

Introduced control_print_dof_point (print in a point the dof values , interpolated from elements).

Introduced control_print_interface_stress (print in 2D interface stresses between a start point and end point).

Introduced control_mesh_generate_interface_method (use either element_group or element_geometry for specifation of interface generation).

Introduced control_solver_pardiso_metis (switch metis in pardiso on/off).

Changed control_mesh_generate_interface (sequence of interface node connectivity, so that gid makes better line diagrams).

Introduced control_mesh_convert_quad9_quad6 (convert quad9 elements into quad6 elements).

Introduced group_interface_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct (direct mohr coulomb implementation for interfaces, similar to isoparametric elements).

Introduced group_materi_umat_pardiso_decompose (umat routines can activate or de-activate pardiso LU decomposition).

Introduced group_plasti_apply (activate or de-activate plasticity in a group, if needed for some reason).

Improved group_materi_plasti_hypo_* (speed improvement).

Introduced mesh_activate_gravity_plasti_apply (activate or de-activate plasticity while applying mesh_activate_gravity_*).

Introduced mesh_activate_gravity_method (several methods for mesh activation in dam building etc.).

Introduced node_support_edge_normal_plasti_tension_status (contains after calculation the status of nodes for support_edge_normal_plasti_tension option).

Introduced in print_where -yes printing of pardiso decomposition and back substitution phase.

Changed post_element_force_*, now use elements at both sides to determine forces and moments.

Changed tochnog.gid/* files; now specify group names in gid preprocessor.

Changed parallelisation, more efficient with combined nonlinear and linear areas.

Introduced support_edge_normal_plasti_residual_stiffness (influence the iteration behaviour of supporting edges by adding residual stiffness in plasticity).

Introduced post_calcul_materi_stress_force_direction_include_epsilon (more flexible selection of surfaces for force and moment calculation).

Introduced control_timestep_adjust_minimum_iterations (optionally alllow tochnog to set the minimum number of iterations if that is needed for convergence or so).

Introduced group_materi_elasti_young_power_eps (limit pressure in young power law to prevent trouble at low stress levels).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_pressure_limit (neglect plasticity near free surfaces, in case of trouble).

Introduced control_bounda_relax (slowly relax imposed boundary conditions, like for instance prescribed displacements).

Introduced post_calcul_materi_stress_force_average (average forces and moments for hex27 internal nodes, then all nodes get force/moments, more nice plots etc.).

Introduced ranges in control_data_arithmetic.

control_mesh_truss_distribute_mpc_* bug for more than one truss

Changed group_materi_plasti_hardsoil implementation (more stable convergence).

control_timestep_iterations_reduce_automatic* bug for a low number of maximum iterations

Introduced group_materi_elasti_borja_tamagnini nonlinear soil elasticity.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_generalised_non_associate_cam_clay_for_bonded_soils for cohesive soil like materials.

Introduced group_truss_expansion (thermal expansion coefficient for trusses).

Introduced group_truss_initial_force (initial force in truss elements).

Introduced hex20 plotting in gid (not mapped to a linear anymore, but full quadratic plotting).

Introduced post_calcul_limit (lower and upper allowed values for post_calcul results).

Introduced groundflow_pressure_gradient in initialisation part (gradient of hydraulic head).

Introduced solver_pardiso_out_of_core to switch on out-of-core for the pardiso solver.

Introduced print_gid_calculation set to -no if you never want to print the files for gid.

Introduced control_timestep_reduce_automatic_* (new automatic timestepping method, use equidistant smaller timesteps).

Introduced control_truss_distribute_* (automatic redistribute truss over isoparametric elements, connect with mpc's, for reinforcement modelling).

Introduced truss_bond_slip* in initialisation part (allow for bond slip between reinforcement trusses and concrete mother elements).

Skipped tendon_*, use control_truss_distribute_* instead.

Skipped calcul_length (now automatically done by tochnog).

Changed tochnog_version (new system for version numbering).

Changed problemtypes/tochnog.gid files in the gid installation (please update these files).

Changed memory usage, more efficient.

Changed the final topics section in the user manual (better tips to check your calculation and prevent trouble).

Introduced extra stability for highly nonlinear calculations.

Starting from version 5.2 also a bug list will appear in this changes list.

Introduced group_interface_materi_elasti_stiffness_normal_diagram records (varying normal stiffness in interface elements).

Changed control_mesh_generate_interface (allow for combinations of element groups).

Introduced possibility to read node records with two values in a 3d input file (convenient i.c.w. control_mesh_extrude).

Introduced materi_updated_apply and control_materi_updated_apply (easily switch on/off updated lagrange large deformations).

Introduced use of a geometry_line in 3D to impose distributed forces on a line.

Introduced dependency_method and dependency_geometry (use dependency factors, and select geometry).

Introduced control_mesh_map (for very large linear calculations, first solve with linear elements, then map to quadratic elements).

Introduced condif_heat_volume_user (user supplied heat source).

Changed mpc_geometry (specify a geometry for which all nodes get equal unknown values like displacements, etc).

Introduced mpc_geometry_method (more methods to mpc's).

Changed use of control_mesh_rotate i.c.w. control_input (input 3d data after mesh rotation for axisymmetric to 3D).

Changed control_mesh_rotate for interface elements (interface element data is now also rotated to 3D).

Introduced control_mesh_rotate_angle (rotate only up to a certain angle, eg 90 degrees, or 180 degrees).

Introduced control_timestep_iterations_automatic_stop ... -no (finish current timestepping when minimal timestep size is reached).

Changed control_distribute_correlation_length (different correlation length in each space direction, by example in horizontal layer direction versus vertical direction).

Changed control_mesh_generate_interface_element_group (normal direction always from group 0 to group 1, convenient for post output interpretation).

Changed group_materi_elasti_young_power (made the young based on a power law available for GID plotting).

Introduced geometry_cylinder_part_start_vector (choose parts of arbitrary cylinders in space).

Introduced dependency_number (make only a specific number in a record dependent).

Introduced dependency_type (optionally use consinus, sinus, or tangent dependencies).

Introduced prisma elements in GID plots (the latest GID versions support these elements).

Introduced plotting unbalans in GID plots for convection-diffusion equation (convenient for freezing calculations with highly nonlinear capacity).

Introduced group_interface_condif_conductivity (conductivity in interface element)

Introduced group_interface_materi_expansion_normal (thermal expansion in interface thickness direction)

Introduced group_interface_materi_stress_displacement_normal_diagram (diagram for interface normal displacement - force relation)

Introduced group_interface_materi_stress_displacement_tangential_diagram (diagram for interface tangential displacement - force relation)

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin and group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_structure (hypoplasticity model tuned for clays).

Introduced group_groundflow_expansion (thermal stress in groundwater due to expansion coefficient)

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_masin_ocr (specify OCR for hypoplastic clay law)

Changed group_condif_conductivity (different conductivity in each space direction)

Introduced tutorial 4 (sheet pile calculation with automatic interface element generation).

Introduced control_distribute_correlation_length (random distributed element and nodal data with correlation length; get a feeling how safety factors depend on varying cohesion and friction angle etc.).

Introduced safety_slip_ellipsoide_* (ellipsoide surface for easy 3D slip safety analysis).

Introduced materi_plasti_max_iter (set maximum number of plastic iterations on integration point level; convenient for getting plots of plastic f with 0 iterations, view easily high risk zones in plots with a linear elastic gravity calculation only)

Introduced post_calcul_multiply (multiply calculated data with a factor, convenient if you need to redefine with that factor)

Introduced extra error checking input file.

Improved input error checking.

Changed format materi_plasti_hypo_history in initialisation part.

Changed post_element_* (now normal force, shear forces and moments in user defined cross sections).

Introduced tutorial 4 in the tutorial manual (demonstrates automatic interface element generation between material groups).

Introduced control_input (append a new piece of input file at some stage of the calculation).

Introduced post_bounda_force_summed (sum of bounda_force records).

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_static and groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple_static (take pore pressures equal to static pressure).

Introduced control_mesh_generate_interface (automatic generation of interfaces on geometries or between element groups).

Introduced control_mesh_keep_element, control_mesh_keep_element_group and control_mesh_keep_node (skip all but a small part of the mesh; easy for studying local mesh in plots).

Introduced windows 64 bit x86-64 version (for MS windows users with large problems, eg larger than 2Gb memory).

Introduced safety_slip_grd (grd surface for 3D slip safety analysis, golden software surfer format).

Introduced safety_slip_circle_grid and safety_slip_circle_line (slip circles for 2D slip safety analysis).

Introduced hex20 and prism15 elements.

Introduced linear_calculation_apply (neglect all non-linearities in the input file; convenient for testing the input file without skipping non-linearities by hand.)

Introduced materi_stress_pressure_history and group_materi_stress_pressure_history_factor (easy modelling of different soil stiffness in loading and unloading/reloading; combine with mohr-coulomb etc.)

Introduced element_geometry (define a set of elements as geometry. Use in area_element_group_sequence_geometry etc.)

Introduced group_spherical (sphere coordinates r, phi, theta; for spherical stress, temperature, water, wave calculations)

Introduced control_safety_slip, safety_slip_circle_*, safety_slip_combined_linear_*, safety_slip_multi_linear_* etc. (easy and fast geotechnics safety factor calculations using gravity stresses only; visualise slip circles in gid)

Introduced change_dataitem_time_method (change the tangent, sinus or cosinus of a data item; typically convenient for changing the friction angle in safety factor calculations)

Introduced post_calcul -materi_stress -k0 (calculate ratio of horizontal stresses and vertical stresses, i.e. k0 in a geotechnical calculation)

Introduced control_data_save and control_print_gid_save_difference (save a status of strains, stresses etc. and see in gid later differences relative to that status)

Introduced support_edge_normal_damping and support_edge_normal_damping_automatic (damping in support conditions at boundaries; for absorbing boundaries in earthquake analysis etc.)

Improved control_mesh_convert . Now also convert -bar2 to interface -quad4, -bar3 to interface -quad6, -quad4 to interface -hex8, -quad8 to interface -hex18 and -quad9 to interface -hex18. (Easy interface generation in meshes. Eg use GID to generate -bar2 in the mesh, use control_mesh_extrude to extrude to quad4 elements, use control_mesh_convert to convert to hex8 interface elements).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_compression_direct and group_materi_plasti_mohr_coul_direct (stable and fast cutoff stresses for compression limit and mohr-coulomb criterium)

Changed group_materi_elasti_tension into group_materi_plasti_tension_direct (name change only). Recommend use of group_materi_plasti_tension_direct i.s.o. group_materi_plasti_tension

Improved stability plastic iterations for all group_*_plasti_*.

Improved solver -matrix_iterative_bicg in combination with solver_matrix_symmetric -yes (faster, less memory).

Changed check_element_shape (now also plot element shape distortions in GID)

Introduced slide_user (user supplied routine for slide friction). Introduced node_slide (specify specific nodes belonging to a slide geometry)

Introduced mpc_linear_quadratic (automatic mpc's for compatibility linear and quadratic elements; allows for quadratic beams elements, quadratic sheet piles, etc. and linear soil elements)

Changed control_mesh_macro ... -circle and control_mesh_macro ... -sphere (improved quality mesh)

Changed control_print_vtk (extensive plotting files for

Introduced check_element_shape (check for distorted isoparametric elements)

Introduced -matrix_pardiso solver, skipped previous direct solvers (pardiso runs parallel, and is also available on windows)

Introduced control_print_gid_element_group and control_print_gid_element_group_not (select groups for gid plotting).

Changed extrapolation from element integration point to element nodes (gid plots may change).

Introduced control_mesh_extrude_direction (extrude optionally in y-direction).

Introduced group_materi_undrained_capacity (undrained groundflow analysis without storage equation on system level).

Changed syntax control_print_dof and control_print_dof_line (consistent with control_print_gid etc.).

Introduced elasti_tension_apply and control_elasti_tension_apply.

Improved solver_matrix_symmetric (save memory by symmetric matrix storage and solution; try it for large calculations)

Introduced post_element_number (select specific element numbers for post_element)

Changed syntax hypoplasticity models (for upcoming new models in future releases)

Lower memory usage

Improved parallelisation BICG solver

Changed syntax mpc_geometry (more flexible)

Introduced 3D interfaces in GID

Changed control_print_line_coordinates (printing along muti-linear lines enabled)

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hypo_niemunis_visco (visco hypoplasticity + integranular strains)

Introduced -safety_lifting and -safety_piping for post_calcul (hydraulic safety factors)

Changed defaults for mesh (default now fixed in space)

Changed syntax control_print_database

Changed materi_plasti_apply into plasti_apply and control_materi_plasti_apply into control_plasti_apply (now works on all *plasti* data). Changed updated_without_rotation into updated_linear.

Changed force_edge_water (now always automatically normal to element edge)

Introduced control_print_node (print nodal results in ascii file; automatically order with angle for tunnels)

Introduced force_element_edge etc. for more element types.

Introduced control_mesh_merge_geometry, and renamed control_mesh_merge_geometry_not. (merge or merge not nodes only in certain geometries)

Introduced mesh_convert (automatically convert illegal elements to legal Tochnog elements)

Introduced mesh_correct (automatically correct element connectivity list for interfaces and hinges)

Introduced node_rhside_fixed in gid, (external reaction forces at fixed displacements)

Introduced element_beam_direction_z, (same as group_beam_direction_z , but now per element however)

Introduced print_gid_spring2, control_print_gid_spring2, print_gid_contact_spring2 and control_print_gid_contact_spring2 (choose for spring2 and contact_spring2 elements if they should be shown with one or two nodes in Gid).

Changed element_force_edge, element_force_volume etc. (edge and volume loads per element).

Changed group_materi_memory to group_interface_materi_memory for interfaces, etc.

UMFPACK speed up with blas routines (on all linux platforms).

Introduced tutorial manual and validation manual.

Introduced groundflow_seepage_geometry (specify seepage conditions to free air, no flow in and only flow out, automatic determination flow exit point).

Introduced -veln in bounda_dof (zero velocity in normal direction to a plane).

Changed inertia_apply and control_inertia_apply to allow for different activations mass inertia, groundflow capacity, etc.

Deleted slide_* (now always use contact_* for contact conditions).

Changed parallel computations (better parallelisation).

Changed dependency_item (all group_* data can now be made also dependent on coordinates).

Introduced print_gid_group_data (plot in gid group data for elements, eg young modulus, permeability, etc.).

Introduced group_groundflow_nonsaturated_vangenuchten (van-Genuchten non-saturated groundflow model).

Introduced control_reset_value, control_reset_value_linear, control_reset_value_power etc. (set dof's to several nonlinear space dependent fields).

Introduced post_element_group (easy force calculation in cross-sections etc).

Changed group_truss_plasti (now separate compression plasticity and tension plasticity).

Introduced post_node_rhside_ratio_ignore (ignore a percentage of nodes with highest out-of-balance, ignore local instabilities).

Introduced mpc_node_number, mpc_node_factor and mpc_geometry (multi point constraints to connect nodal dofs).

Introduced control_print_frequency_timeinterval and control_print_frequency_timestep (more convenient printing of gid, tecplot, etc. for timesteps).

Introduced support_edge_normal_plasti_compression (compression plasticity and mohr-coulomb shear plasticity in supports).

Introduced interface_materi_tension_apply and control_interface_materi_tension_apply (activate or de-activate tension cutoff stress in interfaces).

Introduced group_spring_stiffness_nonlinear (diagram with spring stiffness dependent on spring elongation).

Introduced in GID plot of materi_rhside_free (unbalans forces, look where the trouble is in your model).

Introduced 3d beams (2 bending axes + torsion, in 3d space).

Introduced materi_displacement_relative (initialise relative displacements, that is the extra displacements of the last timesteps).

Introduced group_interface_groundflow_permeability (groundflow permeability in interface elements).

Introduced prism6 interface elements.

Introduced geometry_bounda_factor for geometry_point.

Introduced interface_damping_apply and control_interface_damping_apply (activate or de-activate stabilizing damping in interfaces)

Introduced control_interface_reset (reset interfaces strains and stresses to 0 at some point in a calculation).

Introduced group_interface_damping (apply damping to stabilize calculations with interfaces).

Introduced group_interface_materi_tension_residual_stiffness (residual stiffness to stabilize calculations with interface tension failure).

Introduced check_element_node (suppress checking duplicate element nodes).

Introduced plotting of interface strains and stresses in GID.

Introduced element_materi_plasti_laminate0_direction etc. (varying direction of multilaminate plasticity per element).

Introduced post_element (sum or average element forces somewhere in the domain).

Changed automatic default of solver_matrix_symmetric (symmetric matrix solver when possible).

Introduced strain_volume_* (impose extra volumetric strain, eg for grouting in soils, etc.).

Default input file tochnog.dat.

Introduced force_edge_projected.

Introduced group_materi_elasti_tension.

Introduced solver_matrix_symmetric.

Introduced control_timestep_iterations_automatic_continue.

Changed default post_node_rhside_ratio_dof_type

Introduced geometry_tetrahedral and geometry_hexahedral

Introduced 64 bit tochnog for Intel Itanium under Linux.

Introduced plotting boundary conditions and external forces in GID (plot bounda_dof, force_edge_normal, etc.).

Introduced materi_plasti_hypo_wolffersdorff_history and materi_plasti_camclay_history (plasticity laws get their own history variables).

Introduced tying_linear_quadratic (automatic compatibility between linear and quadratic elements).

Deleted matrix_length (automatically determined inside Tochnog now).

Introduced external forces in post_node_rhside_ratio definition (specifically usefull if only prescribed external forces, no boundary conditions).

Introduced groundflow_phreatic_level_multiple (multiple phreatic levels between non-permeable layers).

Introduced post_calcul -materi_stress -force (2D and 3D accurate forces and moments in tunnels, sheet piles, etc).

Changed groundflow_phreatic_level_bounda into groundflow_phreatic_level_bounda (preparation multiple phreatic levels).

Deleted -matrix_superlu (always use -matrix_umfpack as direct solver).

Introduced post_count (count active records of data items).

Changed control_mesh_delete_geometry_move_nodes into control_mesh_delete_geometry_move_node (only skipped s).

Introduced 64 bit tochnog for AMD Opteron under Linux.

Lower memory usage.

Introduced dongle locked linux distributions.

Introduced control_reset_value_factor (multiply dof's in element by a factor)

Introduced hinge elements with group_type -hinge (concrete hinges tunnels, 2D&3D)

Introduced interface elements by setting group_interface (friction, gap, 2D&3D, ...)

Changed many data item names.

Introduced boundary_factor (coordinate dependent boundary conditions multiplication factor).

Introduced -total_pressure for bounda_dof (specify groundflow physical pore pressure).

Introduced support_edge_normal etc (elastic distributed support for constructions).

Introduced print_apply (globally de-activate control_print_* records).

Deleted control_data_put_double_node and changed control_reset_dof.

Introduced condif_heat_edge_normal and condif_heat_volume (new for temperature).

Changed force_edge and force_volume (now only for material stress).

Introduced include filename (include other files with mesh, etc.).

Introduced options_post_node_rhside_ratio -fixed_free_average (other error definition, for elasto-plastic calculations etc.).

Introduced control_print_vtu (xml plotting files for the free paraview plotting program, recommended).

Introduced control_print_gid_method index -elements (element-by-element strain,stress,... plots in gid consistent with integration point results).

Introduced manuals in pdf format.

Introduced, by example, control_data_put 10 -node_dof -all -sigyy.

Introduced print_precision.

Introduced gauss integration as default for bars, quads and hexahedrals.

Corrected control_options_materi_plasti_hypo_wolffersdorff_pressuredependentvoidratio.

Introduced control_options_materi_plasti_hypo_wolffersdorff_distributedvoidratio.

Introduced, by example, control_data_put 10 -node_dof -all -sigxx -sigyy -sigzz

Good accuracy also for very low groundflow permeabilities..

Introduced UMFPACK direct LU solver (options_solver -matrix_umfpack).

Faster for elasto-plastic calculations.

Introduced gid plotting in 1D problems.

Introduced element_intpnt_dof (solved unknowns in integration points of elements).

Introduced quadratic axisymmetrical elements.

Introduced tochnog_version (version number and build date of the tochnog executable).

Introduced control_options_groundflow and options_groundflow (easy switch off and on groundflow in the input file).

Introduced control_mesh_rotate (easy rotating 2D axi-symmetric mesh and results into a 3D mesh).

Changed group_materi_density_groundlow (now also dependent on total pressure in groundwater, so easily wet soil density in saturated regions and dry soil density in non-saturated regions).

Introduced control_options_dependency (switch dependency diagrams easily on/off).

Introduced post_calcul -materi_stress -force (easy and accurate forces and moments printing and plotting for quad9 elements). (typically used in tunnels where the tunnel lining is build with one row of quad9 elements).

Introduced start_if_not ... end_if_not (conditional parts in input file).

Changed options_plasticity into options_materi_plasti (more logic name).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_matsuokanakai_softening.

Introduced control_options_plasticity_visco and options_plasticity_visco (easy suppressing of visco -lasticity, when needed).

Introduced materi_plasti_kappashear (effective plastic shear strains). This materi_plasti_kappashear is now used in group_materi_plasti_mohrcoul_softening

Changed memory usage. Optimised so that much less fore-ground memory is needed.

Introduced prism12 linear/quadratic prism elements (easy for extruded tunnels with linear variation in length and quadratic variation in cross-section).

Introduced control_print_unknowns_line (print node_dof and node_dof_calcul results along a line in space to a file, use gnuplot or excell or so to plot).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_laminate* (laminate plasticity model for shear and tension failure of planes, eg in rock).

Introduced control_mesh_extrude_contactspring_* (easy contactsprings for imposing displacements in extrude direction).

Introduced prism18 quadratic prism elements (easy for extruding tria6 into 3D).

Introduced parallelisation on OpenMP systems (shared memory).

Introduced contactspring1 and contactspring2 (one node and two node contact springs).

Introduced group_spring_memory (memory model for springs).

Introduced control_print_gid_qvec etc. (easy beam moments and force plotting in GID).

Introduced print_gid_format (new format for GID version 7 now available).

Changed force_edge_geometry_factor etc. (extended possibilities in 3D).

Introduced geometry_elementgroup (restrict geometries to specified element groups).

Introduced prism6 elements.

Changed labels maxwell stresses to -sigm0xx, -sigm0xy , etc.

Introduced group_materi_plasti_visco_power_names and group_materi_plasti_visco_power_values (different viscoplasticity parameters for each plasticity model).

Introduced materi_strain_plasti_compression, materi_strain_plasti_diprisco materi_strain_plasti_mohrcoul, etc. (plastic strains for each specific plastic model).

Changed definition group_materi_plasti_visco_power.

Introduced easier printing of post_calcul results in control_print_history and control_print_data_versus_data.

Introduced control_print_gid_method (write results to gid files for global nodes or element-by-element).

Introduced options_post_node_rhside_ratio (specify the definition of error ratio, relevant for non-linear calculations).

Introduced in dependency_item the possibility to make all element group data dependent on all post_calcul results.
By example, make elasticity data , plasticity data ,etc. dependent on deviatoric plastic strains , etc.

Introduced post_calcul_label (see names of used post_calcul data).

Changed control_print_element (more easy printing truss normal forces and beam shear forces and beam moments).

Introduced node_rhside_static and node_rhside_total (static forces on nodes, and total forces (static+inertia) on nodes, for printing).

Introduced group_contactspring_direction_automatic_planes (help automatic contact spring direction determination).

Introduced global_solver_diagonal_ratio etc. (estimate condition number of total matrix).

Introduced group_contactspring_direction_automatic and control_mesh_generate_contactspring_elementgroup
(automatic direction in contact springs and more easy generation).

Introduced element_empty and control_print_gid_empty (look behind elements being deleted in GID).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_wall (easy lower friction on walls).

Changed formulation of group_materi_plasti_matsuokanakai.

Introduced control_materi_elasti_k0 and group_materi_elasti_k0 (easy imposing K0-stresses in geotechnics).

Introduced global_force_edge, global_force_edge_normal and global_force_edge_water (sums of external forces for checking).

Introduced control_mesh_extrude_elementgroup_new (different new element groups in 3D extrusions per element group).

Introduced force_edge_elementgroup, force_edge_normal_elementgroup etc. (select element groups for forces).

Introduced control_mesh_extrude_elementgroup (different 3D extrusions per element group).

Introduced options_matrix_save (faster calculations, specifically elasto-plastic).

Introduced options_element_dof (save strains, stresses etc. per element).

Introduced control_print_beam_moment (easy moment lines in beams).

Introduced element_dof_initial and group_dof_initial (initial unknowns for elements).

Introduced group_materi_plasti_hardsoil plasticity model.

Introduced control_mesh_delete_geometry_projectiontype (delete inside or on edge).

Introduced minimal timestep size in control_timestep_iterations_automatic.

Changed several force_element_* into force_*.

Changed group_axisymmetry formulation.

Changed definition normal in force_element_edge_normal.

Changed default to -matrix_superlu solver.

Changed several *options_skip* into *options*.

Skipped control_mesh_new_mesh (was numerically unstable).

Several errors from the free version are corrected in the professional version.